Corporate Planning

If you are a business owner, key officer or decision maker of a company, you need a team of advisors who understands you and your organization’s goals and objectives. Your team must be dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and innovative in order to help you navigate the challenges you face to Recruit, Retain and Reward (The 3 R’s) top talent and promote your company’s value proposition. Whether your vision is to transition the company to the next generation and maintain its legacy, enhance ROI and book value for a future ‘value realizing event’, or to grow and expand the company, your success is dependent on ‘locking in’ key people.  In addition, it is critical that you, as a high impact entrepreneur, that your company is protected against your untimely death or disability, the loss of a shareholder-partner or a key manager/executive of your team.

To that end, every owner, or decision maker, of a successful company ask these questions:

  • How do I attract top talent to my company and how can my organization lock in key company “Game Breakers”?
  • Do I have incentive arrangements in place to maximize the ‘human capital’ of my key associates?
  • What will happen to my business in event of death, disability, or retirement to me or to a key person?
  • How do I leverage my business, as an asset, into an effective and optimal retirement designed personally for me?
  • Does our company have a comprehensive benefit program or might we have coverage gaps that we are unaware of?

Additionally, we are expert retirement plan consultants. For over 30 years, we have been designing plans and providing clients a clear, unbiased due-diligence process to insure their qualified retirement plan is low cost, has top performing investments and has necessary fiduciary protection. We do that by focusing on:

  • Reducing plan sponsor’s fiduciary risk.
  • Lowering plan costs.
  • Researching and analyzing plan providers.
  • Offering professional investment advisory services to enhance investment options and overall plan performance.
  • Designing customized employee education modules to increase employee engagement.

Services include:

Executive Benefits

M Advisory Group understands the value of investing in your firm by investing in your key people. A critical issue in today’s competitive business environment is recruiting, retaining and rewarding top tier talent. In fact, your key employees typically become either successors or competitors, so once you recruit top executives and management, rewarding and retaining them is imperative. We also understand the decision of offering better benefits sometimes is a matter of cash flow vs. cash outlay. What if the ‘net’ cost to your company of an enhanced or supplemental benefit for your top people was equivalent to your current arrangement today, ‘cost neutral’ over a 5-10 year time frame, or could be shared by your executives who participate in the plan?

We design executive benefit ‘restoration’ plans to offset the effects of ‘reverse discrimination’ against your highly paid key people: supplemental retirement plans, long term incentive arrangements and comprehensive insurance benefit programs according to the goals, culture, philosophy and financial appetite of your company. Some plan designs allow companies to take an immediate tax deduction for contributions. Other designs forego the immediate tax deduction, while providing full contribution and waiting for ‘cost recovery’ at the retirement, termination or death of their key people

Business Succession Planning/Key Man Insurance

We know that proper business succession planning leads to a successful business. We are aware of the sacrifice entrepreneurs and business owners make in time, money and resources to build a successful business. In addition, there are employees and their families that are dependent upon that business being there in the future, as are the families of the shareholders who built the business.

Businesses transition ownership all the time but unfortunately not always in the way the shareholders or founders intended. A well constructed, documented and funded plan is essential to insure what happens to the business in the event of a shareholder’s death, disability, or retirement is exactly what the shareholders, and their families, want.

A company’s most important assets are its employees. A company’s success is dependent on its ownership team and just a few employees, its so-called key ‘game breakers’. Losing the services of top talent, e.g. a key employee with special skills, a member of the executive team or one of the managing partners can put a business in peril. M Advisory Group specializes in developing business succession plans and tailoring funded Buy Sell Agreements, as well as Key Person Life & Disability Insurance plans designed to safeguard against the loss of key people to insure the long-term success of our clients’ businesses.

What are the Results?

1) Assures surviving owners, customers and employees the business can continue operations
2) Helps maintain the established lines of credit with lenders and suppliers
3) Provides funds needed to locate, recruit, hire and train a replacement
4) Provides funds to help offset lost sales and profits
5) Guarantees families of deceased shareholders will have a “redemption value” for the hard earned equity in the business

Retirement Plan Management

M Advisory Group recognizes the importance of a cost-efficient, well designed retirement plan. Using a consultative, results-driven approach, we look for opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your plan at both the employer and the participant levels.

At initial engagement, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing plan, identify concerns and offer recommendations for improvement in the five (5) most critical areas of your company’s plan:

1) Plan costs
2) Investment options
3) Fiduciary risk
4) Service
5) Employee education and communication

As part of our ongoing advisory service, we perform regular comprehensive reviews to disclose plan costs, gauge and monitor investment performance, and evaluate areas of potential fiduciary risk. If needed, we recommend and adjust investment choices, renegotiate pricing, resolve any existing service issues and create action plans for increased participant communication and education.