When we laid the foundation for our business model in 1962, we sought to create something more inspiring for the individuals and businesses we were fortunate to serve. The obvious path would have been to improve upon the industry status quo and the planning models that already existed in the marketplace.

Instead, we were fueled by a passion to create a model in which the planning process itself could be fulfilling and impactful. Rather than something clients sought to get through, and be done with, what if planning could invigorate the clients it served?

Consider taking a moment to pause and recollect some key milestones that marked your current success. What if a planning process could harvest the seeds of those passionate triumphs and tap the roots of your most relevant breakthroughs? What if we could cultivate your deepest and most visionary thinking as the DNA of the planning itself?

The dysfunctions of traditional planning.

Every individual and organization to whom we’re introduced has been involved in planning to some degree previously. Smart people with good intentions put a problem on the table, and everyone rallied to solve it. Often, solutions were executed and planning was deemed to be done.

The challenge in these traditional approaches is that, without even realizing it, planning can become a transaction rather than a strategic process. In our experience, any single solution can have blind spots. In problem-driven approaches, you can inherit those blind spots. Choices are narrowed before creativity is fully explored.

Our clients tend to be what we call Possibility Thinkers. There’s a direct correlation between your unique success, and your ability to see possibilities others can’t. Planning should celebrate this – your greatest asset – allowing innovation and choice to fuel your strategic thinking and drive your decisions.

Harvest your genius is the model we created to help you understand what’s happening when you’re doing your best thinking and making your best decisions in any area.

If you allow yourself a moment to reflect back on the decades of your life, you can likely pinpoint moments of uncanny clarity that allowed you to fix a big problem or achieve a substantial breakthrough. Possibility Thinking was coursing through you. You had that clear conviction that you were doing the right thing.

In retrospect, it’s easy to see that those moments were fed by sparks of greatness. However, in our experience, it’s much more than that. We believe those same seeds have fueled every one of your proudest successes and most impactful milestones. It’s just that sometimes that clarity comes so naturally, you’re not entirely sure of the process that led you to achieve it.

Our model guides you to harvest that underlying genius. We uncover, capture and document it. Then, together we apply the DNA of your genius to the design of your plan. As a result, we catalyze your deepest Possibility Thinking into the lives and livelihoods you wish to impact.