Personal Planning

Since 1962, M Advisory Group has provided individuals and families with a high level of financial expertise and service that has endeared us to our clients as a valued and trusted partner.

We know that achieving your financial success most likely included discipline, experience, and foresight. By integrating these characteristics in your unique way, your wealth has grown in size and complexity. This means that as a high net worth individual, or family, you face greater challenges in the preservation, protection and eventual transfer of your wealth. Do not settle for rubber-stamp solutions to complicated issues. Our advisors understand the intricacies of proper planning by designing customized solutions that are tested and proven to respond to your needs, objectives and preferences.

Services include:

Estate Preservation and Wealth Transfer

We develop opportunities for successful people to preserve and enhance the value of what they have devoted their lifetimes to building. Whether you’ve created a substantial estate or own a prospering business, we recognize your desire to maintain control and direction of their assets and enterprises. We understand the market pressures and governmental forces that threaten to undermine their worth and growth potential. We respect the personal nature of the decision making that must be done. We help preserve their right to determine the disposition of their wealth.

M Advisory Group’s estate preservation and wealth transfer specialists can help you address a broad range of issues, meet the special needs of individual family members, and work with your attorneys and/or accountants to ensure the transfer of assets to family and the charities of your choice over time. We will be using strategies designed to leverage your assets while minimizing the effects of taxes and market risks in the near and long-term, including special consideration for business succession and the liquidity issues entrepreneur’s face that have significant wealth tied up in their companies.

Planning for Global Citizens

When we’re first introduced to a Global Citizen in need of planning, we see several common themes. Most have had some experience with a financial services firm already, and have encountered two key challenges.

First, the advice they’ve received was isolated to one area of planning – legal, tax, investments or insurance. There was little or no mention of integrating the work across multiple planning disciplines. Likewise, the advice was isolated to the United States or their country of origin, lacking cross-border wisdom and research.

Second, in search of strategic thinking, they were met with a singular product solution only. Lacking awareness that other opportunities existed, they purchased it. The experience was purely transactional and not all that fulfilling for successful people who are used to thinking “globally” with multiple solutions.

Our specialized approach to working with Global Citizens honors several unique characteristics. Unlike the traditional trajectory of being from and living in the same country one’s whole life, our Global Citizen clients move from country to country with ease. The simple question, “Where are you from?” can have multiple reference points. Likewise, the concept of risk and subsequent risk management, in planning has unique meaning, expanding beyond the financial markets and into geopolitical status and the geography of family ties.

As such our planning process meets you where you are with different questions and bigger opportunities. Seeing the world as a basket of investment options, we help you take advantage of favorable arbitrage opportunities. Therefore we’re able to operate from a unique vantage point so that you can navigate your life through our cross-disciplinary planning process on a global basis.